• gitlab/sctlib/rtc
  • npm install --save @sctlib/rtc
  • Example usage of rtc-user web component, providing interfaces to manually connect two users with web RTCPeerConnection.

    It tries to offer "signaling methods" that do not rely on predefined servers (no TURN servers etc.), and focuses on manual and decentralized user to user signaling.

    On this page we can use the url search params ?matrix-peers and ?signaling-methods, used by the component to get data from the URL and prefill its interface.

    For example, to send a peer connection request to the user (has to be online and waiting requests), or share a URL to this site with a (guest) matrix user information filled in the search parameters (this URL is the one to share to someone, so they can connect to us "easily").

    One RTC peer
    Send data (custom send)
    An other RTC peer
    Send data (custom send)